SSJ-Forum Guidelines

Academic Discussions

The SSJ-Forum is a place for academic discussion concerning social science research on Japan. The Forum is a moderated list, and as such, all contributions are subject to the approval of the moderators. "Flames," "spams," and private messages are not forwarded to the list. Moreover, while debate and constructive criticism are welcome, we ask contributors to maintain their professionalism, and refrain from ad hominem comments in their posts.


Subscribers are encouraged to post announcements of conferences, seminars, new books and journals, vacant academic posts, scholarships, and grants. Please post only one announcement per event.

Avoiding "mojibake"

Please post messages in English or romanized Japanese only. Letters with macrons, umlauts, or accent marks, as well as Japanese characters, are likely to become garbled.

Replying to Messages

When writing to the author of a message posted in the Forum, or forwarding it to your friends, check the address to be certain that your message is going to the intended person. Please be careful not to reply to the Forum when you intend to write directly to the author of a posting.